Club Run – Sunday 8th March 2020

Twenty one riders turned out after buying up the entire local supply of toilet rolls, judging by the empty shelves due to panic over Covid 19. The B group set out for Goestry while the A group set out for Bollington via Abbey Green and Gun Hill which warmed us all up. We dropped in to Wildbourclough and up to the Cat and Fiddle Road before taking on the tricky descent past Lamaload. A choice was given between the less steep climb or Pyms Chair but we all chose the hard way. KOM, your humble narrator and QOM was Helen M who being the sole female rider may have no competition but it was International Woman’s Day after all.

We had a brief recovery stop which was much needed before dropping down in to Bollington where we were sandblasted by icy rain which was painful. We soon arrived at a new cafe, Farm Made and were soon enjoying the delights of coffee, cake and beans on toast. It was a little noisy for a Autistic rider so I had my ears covered at times, you yackity yaks!

We returned by Prestbury and Macclesfield where myself and Helen had a strange encounter with a Jaguar who passed close by and then stopped dead before blasting off with a roar of exhaust? We headed though Broken Cross and in to Gawsworth where it was decided to have a fast pace ride back so myself and Helen rode back alone as the rigours of Pyms Chair and making riders look good in the log proved too much for me to keep up. We rode on past Bosley Lights and in to Rushton Spencer where I turned off for sunny Biddulph.

Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride and for finding a good cafe.

Nick P

Ps, I may have written a email to the I newspaper and invited Janet Street Porter along on a club ride so sorry about that!