Snowdrop 23rd Oct 2023

A bit of a rude awakening on opening the back door, greeted with a cool three degrees. After getting over the initial temptation to give it a miss, I promptly did the usual bike checks and headed to the butter cross. I was the first one to appear but the gathering soon started to assemble, good turn out and quite quickly down to business with the destination and route options, the Mad man from Madeley throws his hat into the ring. OMG closing the back door suddenly seems like a missed opportunity. All is not lost, a grande long standing well respected member speaks up…the Mag. All is not lost I’m thinking..the route starts to unfold. Gun, Wincle and Wildboarclough. Mouth wide open.

Then voices of reason pipe up. Flat Cheshire and the Snowdrops. Music to my ears, Rog and Coats make my day.
So the three amigos set off looking for plenty of white lines. Nice and steady run down the thrash route without unnecessary pace to die for.
Arrive at Snowdrops in a timely manner and bump into Steve and Gav.
Tea, coffee and snapping are duly consumed and three turn into five.
Off we set on the return voyage, usual route down the A50 and turn right at the former Whipping stocks. Pleasant pace heading towards Redesmere Lake, roads not too bad considering the last few days of downpour. All going well, reasonably grouped together. We descend down the aptly named dark Lane, we hit the bottom and start the assent as the steepness intensifies Steve just in front of me adds a little power and stands up, the chain couldn’t cope with the excess power and enthusiasm then lets go, unfortunately resulting in an off for Steve, I narrowly manage to avoid the disaster and carry on to a safe spot up the hill. We all assemble at a gate hole and Coats promptly muscles in gloves off and straight down to repairs. He fails but Steve rescues himself. Off we set towards The former Fools Nook, all good but we hit the main road and as per usual it begins to fragment, I assume the rear guard position, the miles have taken their toll by this time. Regroup at the Lake view and a civilized run back to Leek….