Pandemic Achievements

With the world in the grips of a pandemic and despite the UK being in the mist of a lockdown, club member Ian Peacock continued to keep in shape.

For the brief period of eased rules, Ian clipped in and took to the tarmac.

Sunday 26th July

Ian entered the Veterans 50mile TT championship in what was reported to be the windest day on the A46 Fosse Way since the Roman occupation. However, still recording a valiant effort of 2:06:58

Saturday 5th September
Ian entered the BDCA 100 mile time trial, completing the course in 4:11:11, which is believed to be a club record; the previous best being Russell Mycock’s 4:17:58.

Ian described the experience as: ” I was, as usual supported by my crew (Valerie). On Sunday morning I awoke aware that It would be some time before most of me would be functioning adequately. However, once I had recovered enough to have my shortcomings drawn to my attention, Valerie spoke thus: “It’s a pity that you can’t wear yourself out doing something useful” “

Sunday 23rd August

Ian remarkably covered 216.73 miles in the national 12 hour time trial in Shropshire. Ian commented; “the weather was foul, and the rearranged course was a bit on the lumpy side. I was ably supported by my crew (Valerie). Incredibly, I finished in the same time as the winner!”

Saturday 17th October

Ian rode the veterans’ national “25” champs, on the A46 Fosse Way and completed the course in 58:56. Feeling pretty please with himself; that gives him a full set of results this year, having done a 10, 25, 50, 100, and 12hour.

Well done Ian, great effort in difficult times