Club Run – July 14th 2019

The B group set out to Marton while twelve riders set out on the main group to Moberley. We set out along the main Mac road and in to Gawsworth before riding past the Wizzard and in to Mobberley and to the Barnshaw Smith Cafe. This was our first visit and we were soon enjoying coffee and beans on toast. We were also introduced to Mark P, a ex club member and TT champ who came back out with the club which was great. Two riders arrived on Penny Farthings which created a lot of interest.
We returned to Leek via Tatton Park but on the way managed to lose Karl so we carried on in to Knutsford and Over Peover and Siddington. It was here that I began to have stomach cramps and pain so ended up getting slower and slower but managed to keep pedaling. At Gawsworth, I asked the group to carry on as I knew the route home so they carried on through Rushton Spencer and back in to Leek. I arrived back at 13.46 after a fifty nine mile ride led by Rich G. Thanks for waiting for me in Leek guys. I spotted Karl on my way home so he too managed to find the route back.
Nick A