Club Run – July 21st 2019

The main group set out for Castelton while the B group set out for Denstone via Leekbrook and Ipstones before dropping down in to Froghall and up to High edge before reaching Great Gate and along to Denstone, here we had a detour due to a mix up over the shout of “On your right” so headed along the main road to Rocester before we arrived in Denstone. I would like to point out that Apollo Eleven missed the intended landing site by four miles fifty years ago so no one is perfect. We arrived at Denstone Farm cafe and were soon enjoying coffee and cakes.
It was decided to head back via Quickshall and Wotten before climbing up to Ramshorn and Ipstones Edge. We stopped at Bottom House to decide who was going where and headed along Mooridge before turning off for Thornclife and Leek. Thanks to Andy B for leading the ride.
Nick A