Club Run – August 5th 2019

The B ride set out for Eccleshall while the main group decided to ride out past Carsington and head back to Hartington to avoid the rain. We rode out to Bottom House and along Ipstones Edge before dropping in to Norbury and in to Snelstone and Wyston before heading to Bradly and past Carsington. We continued on to the sharp climb out of Brassington where Chris E had a puncture as well as a issue with sun cream dripping in to his eyes so we hope there was no harm done to his eyes. The puncture fixed we carried on to Elton and in to Middleton and Newhaven where we had a few drops of rain but that was all. We arrived in Hartington and the group of eight were soon enjoying coffee and eating all the supplies of beans on toast as well as cake to fuel the trip home.
We decided to head back by the direct route as rain was forecast so headed to Hulme End and up to Warslow before heading towards the Mermaid. Here, Nick D had a head start and maintained his lead all the way to the top despite our best efforts to catch him so well done Nick. We re-grouped and headed down in to Thornclife where I left for Biddulph.
Thanks to Dave M for leading a great ride of an estimated fifty three mile ride.
Nick A