Club Run – Sunday 1st March 2020

Nineteen riders turned out for the dry weather, the A group went to Whitmoore at a average of 17mph according to ride leader, Rich C. This struck me with fear after a fortnight on the turbo and the rollers and a recent visit to London, leaving me feeling unfit and unable to keep up so not for me!   

The B group led by Andy B went to Whetton via Buxton Road, up the main climb to Morridge, dropping in to Warslow and Hulme End before climbing out to Whetton. We were soon enjoying coffee and cakes and the usual bacon rolls.

We returned home via the Mainfold Valley and Grindon before dropping in to Onccote and climbing up to Morridge where the group headed back to Thornclife and Buxton Road while I carried on along Morridge.

Thanks to Andy B for leading the ride and to Rich C.

Nick P

Upcoming Event

LeekCC Paul Derbyshire Memorial, Hilly Reliability 2020 (52mls)

Sunday 15th March

Signing on from 8:30am
Riders off 9:05am
Buffet from 2pm in Den Engel, followed by the annual Trophy event.

£4 Ride Only
£5 Buffet Only
£7.50 Ride n Buffet

Route available via the link below-

All Welcome

 If you are interested in riding the Reliability please email

Club Run – Sunday 23rd Feb 2020

The main group set out for a ride and rode in to Ashbourne but due to the widespread flooding, there were several route changes which took them to Sudbury and back. It was a long, 75 mile ride according to Tony. A short log but I was away enjoying the delights of London.

Nick P

Club Run – Sunday 8th Feb 2020

Storm Ciara has arrived in Leek!!

Rob Howson and a small group rode out to a posh cafe in Wilmslow. Not sure what this title denotes but I guess they will turn you away if you earn less than 30k a year! This was due to the storm winds forecast for Sunday which going out on a bike would be unsafe. Dave M was planning a ride to Tatton but I am unaware if this took place. I was told that Andy B’s group was planning a ten am Sunday ride but again am unsure if this will take place given the weather warnings issued. Strap your roof down, the car down and get on the turbo is my advice.

Nick P

Club Run – Sunday 2nd Feb 2020

Twenty three riders turned out. The A group riding to Bakewell via Flash in order to train for the hills. It was good to see Rob H back out with the club. The B group set out for Knustford via Rudyard, Bosley and Marton and  Jodrell Bank and Marthall before reaching the Lambing Shed where we soon enjoying coffee and cakes and bacon rolls. Helen H battled to take my picture but as I hate this, I did my best to thwart her efforts.

We rode home via Tott, Chelmford and Siddington before reaching Gawsworth. Here I had issues trying to fold up my new rain jacket and battling my Dyspraxia but gave up. We rode on to the main Mac-Leek road but I had to stop as I was feeling like a boil in the bag meal so had to take the jacket off while the group rode on through Rushton Spencer and Rudyard before arriving back in Leek. Thanks to Shaun D for leading the ride.

Oh I almost forgot!! Thanks to Rodger G for his kind comments with regard to my hazard prompting hand signals, to which I replied with a rude hand signal. Well admit it, you would too! 

Nick P 

Club Run Sunday 26th Jan 2020

Twenty one riders turned out to brave the rain. The B group rode to Ashbourne and the Flower Pot Cafe led by Shaun while the A group rode to Carsington. We rode out via Ashbourne Road and up to Bottom House before turning for Ipstones Edge and down in to Ellistone and Norbury. One rider suffered a puncture in Osmaston so we split in to two groups. We rode in to Bradley and in to Carsington where the regulation sprint took past along the dam. We were glad to get in the dry and warmth and soon were enjoying coffee and cakes. Dan N decided to head back home.

Due to the rain it was decided to head back by a more direct route so we headed to Tissington and Thorpe before dropping in to Ilam and climbing up to Waterhouses and reaching the main road back to Bottom House and Leek. I pulled off at Bottom House to take in the view from Morridge of the mist and yet more rain. A team picture was suggested at Carsington but the mere thought of removing phones from waterproof jackets and pockets was enough to laugh off the suggestion and we await a dry day for another team photo.

Nick P

Club Run Sunday 29th Dec 2019

Twenty one riders turned out for the ride. The B group went to Whetton while the main group rode to Sudbury via Bradnop, Blore, Ashbourne, Bradley and Longford where we stopped to call the cafe to warn them of a late arrival. Rich C’s wonderful phone call was the subject of much discussion! We rode on at a fast pace to reach Hatton and then Sudbury where we had just sat down when Phil G joined us and denied the Bentley four by four was not his!. 

We headed back along Doveridge and Marston Montgomery and in to Norbury prior to taking on the tough climb up to Ranshorn and Cauldon lowe. We continued on along Ipstones Edge and down in to Bottom house and arrived back in Leek at around 2.30pm. Thanks to Rich C for being ride leader and for putting up with our mockery.

Nick P 

Club Run – Sun 22nd Dec 2019

A large turn out of twenty riders set out for Knutsford although the B group pulled off at some point apart from Tony S who joined the main group. We rode out up Rudyard and in to Bosley and North Rhode and Goestry and Peover and Toft before reaching the Lambing shed apart from me who pulled over and lost the main group so had a little tour of Knustford before re-joining the group at the cafe. The Christmas tradition of Rich c’s hipflask was continued and passed around to be drained by the group.

We returned by Ollverton and Great Warford and Alderly Edge before tacking on the climb up to The Wizzard and up to Broken Cross where I got lost again and so did the search party, just one of those days! We carried on to Gawsworth and Bosley and Rushton Spencer where I turned off for home but the main group headed back to Leek. Thanks to Ride leaders Rich C and the other Rich C.

Nick P 

Club Run 17th November 2019

Sunday the 17th Of November,

A large turn out of twenty three riders met at the Market Place and the main A group set off for Tatton Park while the B group set out for Marton via Rushton Spencer and Bosley before reaching the cafe at Marton. As we arrived at a early nine thirty it was decided to lengthen the ride back by going to Sutton lane Ends but on the way out of Marton, one rider had a puncture which was a struggle to repair due to the tight Ultergra wheel and caused damage to two inner tubes but as they repaired the rear one it was noted that the front had developed a leak so it was simply pumped up to avoid more damage. Of course it was raining while this took place!. We carried on to Gawsworth and Sutton before descending in to Wincle and down Gun Hill before reaching Meerbrook and back in to Leek, Thanks to Ant A for leading the ride back.

Nick Prince.

Note the name change as I have taken my Great-Grandfathers surname and I note in the archives that there was a Prince club member so am proud to continue the tradition.


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