Club Run – September 3rd 2017


On the first of the year that felt like Autumn. Ten riders set out for a ride to Pott Shrigley via Rushton Spencer, Bosley, Gawsworth & Prestbury. The out was quick with a average speed of 18mph, uneventful barring a puncture as we were riding through Prestbury and Alex Coates turning off at Bosley to do some interval training. We returned on a hilly route which included the brickworks climb, Windgather and then the scenic ride through the Goyt Valley and then onto Axe Edge, where the weather turned nasty. After passing through Flash and Meerbrook we returned to Leek on dry roads, to finish a mostly enjoyable 50 Mile ride with 4500ft of climbing.

Riders out on the run were : Rich Coates, Jamie Jeffries, Paul Haywood, Phil Simcock, Chris Meir, Ant Ashbey, Nick Deville, Barney Swinnerton, Simon Morrell, Alex Coates

Written by Club Rider Rich Coates


“Rolling Back the Years” Exhibition


Hi everyone. It is the opening of “Rolling Back the Years” A Brief History of Leek Cyclists’ Club, this Friday 08/09/17 18.30 for 19.00 at The Foxlowe, Leek. Cycling legend Les West will open the exhibition. We have invited former members and friends of the club. There will also be a small display of “cycles through the ages”. Please come along and help make it a special occasion. Thanks Andy Bain

DSCN2678 Wetton Mill club run 1948 Nov 28th

Club Run – 27th August 2017


Ten riders set out for Hack Wood Farm cafe at Radbourne, near Derby and giving me the opportunity to worship at the temple of beauty that is the lady owner! We set out along Ashbourne road and headed along Ipstones Edge before turning on to Ellistone road. Here at Three Lows, Phil G turned back as he was going to drive to Keswick at three am in order to take part in a one hundred mile time trial on the Bank Holiday Monday. The dedication of the true time trialer, hope it went well for you Phil. ( Please note he did not ask me to write this and I have no idea why a large bar of Toblerone  was left on my doorstep) we continued in to Wootton and dropped down the fast descent in to Ellistone before turning for Norbury. Here we continued on to Cubley and Alkmonton and the pace picked up as we hit the flat section at Longford. This is strange territory for Leek CC as we are more used to the hills of the Moorlands so the sprinters took off. I kept Dave M and Rich C company as we rode through Longlane where we caught up with the sprinters and set off for Radbourne. We also passed Uttoxeter CC and it was nice to see parents cycling with their children.  We arrived at the cafe to find it packed with other cyclists which was nice as was being able to find tables inside. Rich C was brave enough to ask “Two Sauces Simcock” for access to his supplies. Service was quite prompt given how busy it was although the waiter did have a long walk around to find us.

It was decided to return via the same roads as some riders had to be back early to spend time with the family over the Bank Holiday. We split in to two groups with myself navigating for one and Rob H leading the other. Nick D was in the zone and continued past the Norbury turn in to Rocester before realising his mistake and managed to catch up at Ramshorn which was nice before he raced off home for Gardening duties. We arrived back in Leek at one forty PM after a great sixty one mile ride in the rare sunshine and warmth. Thanks to all riders for taking time out to ride with the club.

Nick Avins Club Rider and domestic Cat tamer

Club Run – August 20th 2017


Nine riders turned out for the club ride and for some strange reason, there was a lot of cash being handed out between riders although much to my disgust, not to my pocket! Beeley was our destination and we rode out along Buxton road and did not turn for Thorncliffe which caused some confusion. Instead, we rode out towards Buxton and turned left to head behind the Roaches and come back on ourselfs to Royal Cottage where we rode down a fast and long descent to Longnor and Crowdecote. We were going to ride straight on in to Monyash but met up with Black Horse Velo and so rode with them down Longdale where we continued in to Parsley Hay and in to Youlgreave. We rode along the A6 and in to Rowsley where we turned off to head for Beeley. We passed a rider in the Yellow Jersey which caused much amusment in the peloton as you would expect. We arrived at the Old Smith cafe to find masses of bikes parked up and we had to park behind the bins, nice to see so many riders out. We were informed there would be a delay on hot drinks but this took the term “Delay” to new hights as we waited for the best part of forty minutes for drinks and for food and were contemplating foraging in the garden for food. As we were leaving I was accused of not paying for a latte which was cheeky considering I did not order one!

We returned by Chatsworth and Bakewell before tackling Sheldon Bank where Rob H pulled away from the group as did Alex C and Tony C. We rode through Monyash and I made a effort to pull away but Rob H put me back in my place after a short time on the front. We passed through Parsley Hay and headed in to Hartington and on to Warslow where we had a brief stop for energy gels and cake to boost our flagging energy levels and headed up the climb to Morridge. I stayed with the father of the peloton , Dave M and offered to shelter him by going on the front but with my short frame there would be very little shelter so this offer caused much amusement. We dropped in to Thorncliffe and back on to Buxton road arriving back at two PM after a tough fifty four mile ride. Nice to see you, to see you nice!

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Run – August 13th 2017


Six riders turned out to ride to Lyme Park. The eight am group rode to that wonderful example of Victorian engineering, the Anderton Boat Lift. There was also a stealth group of club members which maybe the JCB section of the club. We set out along the Macclesfield road and turned off to head to Langley and Rainow and on to Pott Shrigley or as we called it “Pot Hole Shrigley” such was the state of the roads. We then rode through Poynton and on to High Lane. Here we rode along newly laid tarmac roads which took me by surprise, not being used to a smooth road. Just to confuse us, there was a cobbled section before a railway crossing before we were back on new tarmac again. Sadly on High Lane we had a number of close passes with cars not wanting to wait for us to pass the numerous traffic islands and I had to brake sharply to let them pass as they swung in to my path. We were glad to arrive at Lyme Park and soon we were sat outside to enjoy coffee and cakes. Ade Hall had a flapjack and suspected it may have been a family heirloom passed on to the trust such was the bland taste. Dave Magnier was shocked to discover they did not serve beans on toast as was “Two Sauces Simcock” when told he could not have a bacon roll.

We rode up to the house to have a group picture. the house was enlarged in the 1720’s by Giacomo Leon for the Legh family. It was once a great sporting estate and was the setting for the BBC production of “Pride And Prejudice”.  We rode out along the main drive and turned off along a private road leading to the main road to Disley. We had a fast descent to the Kettleshulme road before turning for Ginclough and Kerridge end before we turned on to the Cat and Fiddle road where we had a long climb to the turn for Wildboarclough. Here, Ade Hall set up a fast pace and I was quickly dropped so sat back to enjoy the view. I caught up with Dave M near Allgreave and we set off for Wincle and Danebridge before reaching the main road to Leek. We arrived back in Leek after a fifty two mile ride. Thanks to Rob H for leading the group on some new roads and to a new cafe and for some great land Rover spotting opportunities, (its a Land Rover thing, you would not understand)

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins


Legbreaker “Hell of the Moorlands” 2017


On Sunday September the 17th 2017, Leek Cyclists Club will once again be staging the   Legbreaker in Memory of Club Member Paul Derbyshire who sadly passed away in 2012.The 81 Mile ride which has been a great success over the years is renowned as one of the best in the country, with it being dubbed the “Hell of the Moorlands” mainly because of the amount of tough steep Moorland climbs which you have to conquer to complete the ride. The ride takes in some of the best scenery the Staffordshire Moorlands & The Peak District has to offer and includes steep climbs out of Ilam, Hollinsclough and the famous Gun Hill.
This year we have revised the route slightly so to avoid the ford in Butterton, which means riders are to ride up from Grindon and then ride to the T junction joining the B5053, then turn right onto the B5053 and then take the first right and drop into Butterton and then drop into Ecton for the feed station. For more information and to download the GPS File please click on the link below

Signing on will be from 8:30AM in the Market Place in the centre of Leek, with riders off at 9:00AM.The cost of the ride is £6, with all proceeds and donations from the Legbreaker this year going to club member Karl Clay’s Just Giving Page. Karl and his family in raising money to help Karl buy a FES machine which will help Karl immensely after a mountain bike accident last year, For more information and to make a donation please click on the link below.  

There will be one feed station during the ride which will be located at Ecton which is after dropping into the Manifold Valley from Butterton. Riders will be provided with a route card and a map & the route will be fully signed. Once riders have completed the ride can they please make their way to the Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek to Sign In (Den Engel is situated on Stanley Street just off the Market Place).

If you are interested in taking part in this years Legbreaker please contact the below email address or Telephone Number, so that numbers can be judged and the correct amount of food & drink can be ordered for the Feed Station. Best of Luck to all riders & please ride safe.

Contact Andy Bain on  :  Email     –

Telephone  –   07450435754


Club Run – August 6th 2017


Club Run – July 30th 2017


Fifteen riders set out for Jodrell Bank. The large turn out due to members of the eight am group deciding to join us late risers. We rode to Rudyard and turned for Horton and on to Lask Edge where we continued around the Cloud with is views of the rolling Cheshire countryside. We then rode towards Marton and Gorsley before reaching Jodrell Bank after a fast paced ride. Two members upset the cafe staff by trying to place their pride and joy bikes in the garden but had to remove them to the bike shed where we had placed our not so pride and joy models. We hope we may be allowed back.

We returned back by Over Peaover and Marthall, Great Worfard and Nether Alderley and back to the familiar road of Gawsworth  and on to the Royal Oak swing bridge where we had to walk over the bridge while the swing bridge was in operation. The pace picked up with the peleton being split in to groups. I and Chris E were held up at Bosley lights before we could re-join the sprint. We worked hard to catch up and pass some riders before we pulled over by Rudyard Lake to re-group before sprinting again for Leek. I passed a group of riders and Rich C and had the end in sight but the crafty veteran passed me by the Sainsbury’s roundabout. The group pulled over to chat and Chris E found he had a puncture but at least it was at the end of the ride and he had help form the group although we were disappointed to learn that he was not that Chris E of the large BBC paycheck as recently revealed. Thanks to Rob H for leading us along some new roads and for the rain keeping off, a decent 53 mile all round.

Writen by Club Rider Nick Avins


Club Run – July 22nd 2017


A big turnout today, 15 of us. After the usual trouble of selecting a route, Bonsall became the target. The top of mini Thorncliffe saw a stop to tighten a spoke and fix rich’s puncture, then near the Butchers Arms Nick had a puncture. The ride flowed a little better after those.
After turning off the main road at Newhaven the main group decided to turn left, while the thought of going down Via Gelia was too much for Rich to resist, so 5 of us took the downhill, we arrived at the village together. Sitting outside at the cafe in Bonsall is a pleasure, we had a couple of spots of rain but that passed and we all enjoyed the ‘al fresco’. A couple of new roads for me leading to Brassington, then Parwich, Mill Dale, Wegg’s bridge, and Onecote.We had a new rider join us today, he found the return journey a struggle but didn’t stop smiling, hopefully he’ll be out again with us!

Good Luck Barry


Good Luck to Club Rider Barry Riley, who is taking part in the National 24 Hour Time Trial this weekend to raise money for Charity.  Barry is raising money for Club Rider Karl Clay, so he can buy specialist equipment to help improve his quality of life. Click on the link below for more information and to make a donation.  Thankyou

baz        Barry Riley (Middle) who takes part in the National 24hr Time Trial this weekend

Club Run – July 16th 2017


Nine riders set out for Bollington having removed their waterproof jackets only to have to stop just around the corner to put them back on due to the rain. We rode out along the Macclesfield road and turned for Gawsworth. Here we made a right turn and rode along new roads and across the Macclesfield/ Monks Heath road. We rode through Prestbury and continued on. By this point, most riders were confused as to the route but Rob H led us in to Bollington and to the cafe stop. It was busy with lots of other riders but we managed to find two seperate tables and had coffee and most had Beans on Toast.

We came back via the Goyt Valley and up to the Cat and Fiddle road before heading through Wildboarclough. It was decided not to go through Wincle due to the state of the roads and to save Phil G having to ride through mud with his Lightweight wheels ( Oh those wheels!) Instead, we rode up to Allgreave and turned for Flash and here again took a new road towards Royal Cottage. There was a little competion here between myself Rob and Andy and we got so carried away that we rode on to the junction while the others turned off for the Roaches so we had a lot of racing to catch up again. This proved too much for my legs and so I got left behind but managed to catch up with the group on Abbey Green road. We had a great, fast paced forty seven mile ride thanks to Rob H for showing us those new roads.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

use33 use44

Club Run – July 9th 2017


Four riders set out for the club standby cafe at Bakewell as we have not been there for a while. We rode out towards Thorncliffe, Warslow and Hartington before dropping into Monnyash. We turned for the main Bakewell road and rode down a rough road in to town. Service at the cafe was so swift that the food arrived before the drinks! We had some minor directional issues on the way back but soon found the road back via Monnyash and Crowdecote and Longnor. We rode over Reapsmoor before climbing up to the Mermaid where “Two Sauces” and Simon battled it out but Simon took the lead on the final corner. There was a final attack by “Two Sauces” as we rode in to Thorncliffe so I took on the challenge and just managed to ride past before the Buxton road junction much to his disgust! A great forty four mile ride and thanks to all three for the company.

Writen by Club Rider Nick Avins

Great conditions for the Club 5 TT


A very good turn out in what were warm and sunny conditions saw 19 riders compete in the Leek CC 5 mile TT.  Run on the tough course from Rushton Spencer to Leek, which includes the Hanging Gate Climb and the tough drag up to the Cricket Club, it was Andy Magnier of the Giordana Racing Team who was first on the night with a time of 10:15, followed by Alex Coates and Jon White in the second and third. Leek Cyclists Club first three riders on the night were Andy Baddeley with a time 10:58 followed by Nick Avins with a time of 11:03 and Barry Riley with a time of 11:06. Congratulations to Andy Baddeley who is now the Club 5 TT champion, and well done and great effort to everybody who took part there was some very fast and strong rides on the night. After the TT club members & supporters enjoyed a well deserved meal at the The White Lion Pub in Leek.  Special thanks to everybody who helped make the event a success & all the riders for supporting the event.


1. Andy Magnier (Giordana Racing) 10:16
2. Alex Coates (Lyme RC) 10:32
3. Jon White (Pro Vision) 10:43
4. Andy Baddeley 10:58
5. Nick Avins 11:03
6. Barry Riley 11:06
7. Rich Whalley 11:11
8. Rob Breeze 11:19
9. Rob Hanson 11:29
10. Rich Coghill 11:33
11. Paul Hayward 12:09
12. Nick Deaville 12:20
13. Ade Hall 12:26
14. Dave Magnier 12:28
15. Adrian Derbyshire 12:29
16. Rich Coates 12:32
17. Chris Meir 12:34
18. Phil Simcock 12:45
19. Dan Noble 12:54

andy                          Leek Cyclists Club’s first rider on the night Andy Baddeley

ade                            Ade Hall on the tough drag up to the Cricket Club


Club Run – July 2nd 2017


Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live”. Mark Twain.

Twenty riders turned out for the club ride, a great turn out given that the club had held a social night on Friday and a few sore heads were expected. There was talk of arm wrestling taking place at one point in the evenings entertainment but what happens in town, stays in town!   As three members were racing at Monnyash, it was decided to ride there and support them. We set out along Buxton road before turning for mini-Thornclife and on to Mooridge. We had a fast descent in to Warlsow despite the newly laid road making it slippery in places. We turned left in to Hulme End and on to Hartington, where we turned off for Long dale where the wind was directed down the valley sides and straight at the Peleton which made the pace hard to maintain. It was nice to be able to make the turn towards Parsley Hay and on to Monneyash where we headed to the race route and watched two groups ride past. It was decided to head to Longnor for a cafe stop and so we headed towards Chelmorton where we paused to see the groups race past again and Rich G was setting a fast paced breakaway. We rode on past Breilow Bar and in to Longnor where we again sat outside the Cobbles cafe and set the world to rights over Beans on Toast and coffee.

It was decided that we should split in to two groups, one riding back to Leek via the direct route via Newtown and the Mermaid Pool and one riding further. I set out with the long group as we tackled Hollingsclough Rakes where the dreaded chippings had been laid and so we slipped all the way up. We headed in to Flash where I turned off to head back via Royal Cottage and Morridge, arriving back in leek for 1.30pm after a forty five mile fun ride.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Run – June 18th 2017


Eight riders set out for Flash on a short ride due to the intense heat. We set out down mill street where I was hanging on the back of the peleton like our hung Parliment clings to power but soon caught up along Abbey green. We turned at Meerbrook and headed up Gun Hill where we found the road had been re-surfaced which caused problems for Alex C as a stone got caught between the frame and the wheel but he managed to clear it before completing the climb. Rob H proved he is still the king of Gun Hill. We rode on through Wincle and Wildboarclough where we had some respite from the sun in the shade. The valley here seems to peaceful and yet in may nineteen eighty nine, a wall of water came down the valley and the Clough brook to sweep away bridges and the road. It took six months to repair the damage. We turned left in Wildboarclogh and headed up the long climb to the Buxton- Bossley road where we turned right for Flash. Instead of riding straight on, some one decided we should climb the road leading around the hill to Flash which caused a few riders to curse as the climb seemed to go on for some distance but it was a great feeling to ride in to the village.  Two unnamed riders had continued up the main road and met us in the village! The long descent from Flash in to Longnor was a much needed chance to cool off in the breeze. We pulled up at the Cobblestones cafe where space was an issue due to the crowds but we found space to sit outside and  cook. There was some panic when Dave M’s beans on toast failed to arrive but normal service was soon resumed and once fed we set off for Sheen and Hulme end where we turned down towards the Manifold Valley and headed to Butterton where we passed a road gang laying the dreaded chippings on the road from Whetton Mill, good job we decided not to attempt the climb! We soon reached Oncote after a fast descent followed by a long climb to Mooridge before we dropped down on to Buxton road where “Two Sauces ” Simcock made a sneaky attack. We all met up by the side of the road and were joined by a young boy on a bike so maybe a future club member to join us? It was a great thirty seven mile ride in what felt like thirty seven celsius heat. Thanks to Paul Heywood for leading the ride

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

8          Photo of the early group who stopped off at the Village Store in Hartington


Club 5 TT Rescheduled


The years Club 5 Mile TT has been rescheduled and will be staged on Monday the 19th of June 2017. Signing-on is in the White Lion car park from 6:00pm and the first rider will be off at 7:00pm(please note the event is limited to 30 riders). The Time Trial will be followed by Food and Drinks in the White Lion at 8:00pm. To enter the cost is £3.50 for the ride only or £5 for the ride and food.


Club Run – June 11th 2017


The forecast was rain for the afternoon but at 9am, Leek, market place, it was dull, windy but mild. Eventually we decided Eccalshall was the ​café we would head for, this would allow us to pass Swinerton on our return, where a couple of our regulars were partaking in a race.
At 9:10am , twelve of us set off, Consoll, Dilhorne, Stallington, Hilderstone, Whitegreave, right before Ecallshall taking us round to Fletchers garden centre.  Beans on toast, brown, latte, £6.45 came quickly and we sat outside, very pleasant.
We went to Cotes Heath then right to Swinnerton to avoid the race circuit, we passed racers going the opposite way, Rich and Jordan. Arriving at the finish as the bell was rung we waited 30 minutes for the two to do their final circuit, An interpretation of there first words after the finish was’ a tough ride’,  but they were able to raise a smile for the camera!
The climb upto Rough Close is always a pain ( always tired legs) but we gathered at Meir Heath and the first rider turned for their shorter route home. After Meir roundabout a large bank and hiss had us repairing Jonathans rear wheel, the wall of the tyre had burst out. Left after Weston Coyney, Werrington, Left onto Rownall Rd, then I turned right leaving the group. We stayed dry all the way, arriving home at 2:15pm, within tem minutes it started raining, a good ride.
All the group were very pleased to hear that after a year in hospital Karl had come home, all wished well. On Thursday several members volunteered to marshal and support the OVO Energy Women’s Tour as it made it’s way over Ipstones and Gun, our own Village people!

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier


Club Run – June 4th 2017


Twelve riders rode out to Hassop , passing through Thorncliffe and down in to Warslow and on to Hartington. We set a good pace through Longdale and Parsley Hay. Youlgrave was a fast decent in to Alport where the front group of sprinters pulled away but we caught up with them at the junction. We continued through Rowsley where we turned up for Beely Moor. This proved to be quite a tough climb with Andy M and Andy B battling it out. The peleton then had another fast decent in to Baslow before we arrived at the Station cafe at Hassop.  The station was built at the request of the Duke of Devonshire for nearby Chatsworth House but closed in Nineteen forty proving how little it was used. Many riders appreciated the cafe providing water to top off our bottles as it was a warm day.

We set off for Leek, passing through Ashford In The Water before tackling Sheldon Bank. The pleton re-grouped at the top before heading for Moneyash where we headed up the long bank towards Parsley Hay. We turned left in Longdale to take us to Crowdecote and in to Longnor where a brief stop was made before heading off to Newtown and the climb to Morridge. This proved to be a battle between riders and I did mange to over take the two Andy’s before being overtaken just before the junction but at least I made them work for it! Jo K worked hard to tackle this climb and the many others we rode up on today’s ride. We arrived back in Leek at ten to two after a hard, fast paced, sixty miles. Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride. It was nice to see Andy and Joe out as well as two new riders to the club, Nicola and Iona who are part of the professional Ladies team Track Days Scills.         I would like to record that the groups thoughts were with the family’s of those killed in the London terrorist attack that was in the days news. hate shall not win.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins


Club Run – May 28th 2017


Nine riders set out for Pot Shrigley under the guidance of Father of the peleton, Dave Magnier. We rode through Abbey Green and up Gun Hill where new rider Simon M almost rode to the top alone before Tony C flew past. We continued through Winccle and Wildbourcough and over the Cat and Fiddle road. We turned left and headed towards Pot Shrigley. Nick D showed his great bike handling when he managed to avoid riding over Dan N’s sun glasses which had fallen off. It was at this point where confusion took over and there was much disscusion on the road to take but we managed to find our way to the Cafe stop.  Food was ordered and the riders were surprised by the large portions. There was a moment of panic when looking around for sauces as they had run out. We suspect “Two Sauces Simcock” may have made a visit before us and raided the supplies. Thankfully normal service was resumed when they found some more sauces.

We returned through Bollington and on to the Silk road, passing through Macclesfield , home to Joy Division and the late , great Ian Curtis. The sprinters kept pushing the pace up to Bossley lights where we had trouble with a car driver passing too close for comfort and at one stage using his vehicle as a weapon. We rode on through Rushton Spencer and past Rudyard Lake where a few riders stopped to allow the rest to catch up before setting off again. The pace increased as we could see Leek getting nearer and the sprint was won by Stuart. It was a great forty two mile ride and we were lucky with the weather as we only had drizzle at the start of the ride. Thanks to Dave M for leading the ride and for dragging me away from the restored Series two Land Rover that passed by and the riders who turned out, taking time off from the Bank Holiday weekend.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club 5 Mile TT Called Off


Unfortunately we will have to call off tomorrow night’s Club 5 Mile TT due to roadworks with traffic lights on the Macclesfield Road between Green Lane and Robin Hood Coaches. This in combination with the forecast constant heavy rain from 3pm tomorrow(June 5th 2017) until 4am on Tuesday morning makes the event unsafe to run.

However, we will still be holding the monthly social night from 8pm at the White Lion, with food provided by the club since we can’t cancel it at such short notice. Hope to see everyone there!

Club 5 Mile Time Trial Championships


We will be holding the Club’s 5 Mile Time Trial Championships on Monday the 5th of June 2017. The course starts at Jim Hallam’s garage in Rushton Spencer and follows the A523 to finish outside Tennant’s chemicals in Leek. Signing-on is in the White Lion car park from 6:00pm and the first rider will be off at 7:00pm(please note the event is limited to 30 riders). The Time Trial will be followed by Food and Drinks in the White Lion at 8:00pm. To enter the cost is £3.50 for the ride only or £5 for the ride and food.  Hopefully the weather will be kind to us this year, fingers crossed.

richwahallyPhotograph take by Robbie Unwin, to see more of Robbie’s work click on the link below

Rich Coates wins the Club 10 Mile TT


On Tuesday the 9th of May, Three club members took part in the Clubs 10 mile TT Championships which took place on the Gawsworth course just outside Congleton. On a clear and sunny evening a strong ride from Rich Coates saw him come out the winnner with a time of 24:27, followed by John Green in second with a time of 28:54, unfortunately with rotten luck Phil Gayes punctured after hitting a pot hole which meant he was unable to finish, unlucky Phil and hopefully you have better luck next time. Congratulations to Rich and well done to John & Phil for entereing. A thank you from the Club must go to Congleton CC for hosting and marshalling another excellent  event. The next Club Championship is the Club 5 TT which will be held on June the 5th on the Rushton to Leek Course.


  1. Rich Coates     24:27
  2. John Green      28:54

Phi Gayes        DNF  (puncture)

RICH                             Rich Coates this years 10 Mile TT Champion

This photograph were taken by Mr Ken Norbury “© Ken Norbury”. To see more of Ken’s photograph’s click on the link.

Club Run – May 21st 2017


Sunday mornings now have 2 rides starting from the market place, 8am and 9am, the earlier one being known as the faster group, but I think it’s the need to home for 12am group. 9am this sunday saw only 4 riders but as a few minutes ticked on we eventually totaled 12. After the usual deliberations Carsington became are target with the first part taking us up to Bottomomhouse at rather a quick pace. Ellastone, Norbury, darley moor, Edlaston, Osmaston, Bradley, Carsington, a lovely morning about 12 degrees and dry. The road across the dam always sees the pace quicken, today saw a couple of riders burn and bust with only Andy B, the youngster being able keep the pace, winning the sprint. My predictable Latte, beans on toast went down well and Phil g had the posh Beans on toast at the cafe and a posh price tag. We then as we carried the bikes down the steps we found out one of the group had set of early to try and limit how far behind he might fall. Four riders choose to take the main rd back to Leek, then we went, Brassington, Ballidon, Parwich, Alsop en la dale, Wetton, Mill, Butterton, Oncote, Morridge, Stile House Lane. Just as we were pulling up to Buxton Rd, there we met the lone returnee, having taken a slightly flatter route, not a bit sorry to have missed Butterton bank. Great ride, thanks, dave m Strong and stable leadership was provided by Phil G with a ride for the many not the few (General Election Indoctrination).

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier


Club Run – May 14th 2017


Twelve riders set out for Bonsal, we passed through Thorncliffe and dropped down to Warlsow before turning for Hartington where we took on the steep climb up to Pike Hall. We passed over the High Peak Trail and on to the main road to Cromford before turning off for Winster. We turned off for the Bonsal road and dropped down in to the village where we called at the Fountain Tea Rooms. The Flapjacks were tasty and one rider even took on a mini breakfast which makes you wonder what the full size portions are like given it was a plateful. “Two Sauces Simcock” had a panic when his Bacon roll failed to arrive and was contemplating a sauce sandwich before his food finally arrived due to a order mistake.

We sett off back via the Cromford road and the pace kicked up on the long climb. Phil and Andy were leading but myself and Stuart were keen to do a turn on the front. We turned off for Longcliffe and dropped down towards Parwich but continued on as were were turning for Tissington. It was a steep climb as we had to walk across the ford and there was not respite but straight in to climbing the hill. We carried on through Thorpe where we had to dodge walkers and bikers out enjoying the sun and warmth. We passed through Ilam and rode pass the ruins of Throwley hall and another steep climb to Carlton. At this point, Phil Simcock began to feel ill and we were worried about him but we were determined to stick with him all the way back to Leek. We all helped out to shelter him and passed through Warterhouses and the pace picked up on the main road where we stopped to allow the others to catch up before heading for Leek. Out of all the cars that passed us, one decided to peep to let us know we had held them up for a few valuable seconds. We arrived back in leek at two fifteen pm after a fifty four mile ride. It was a great turn out with a new rider, Simon Morrall who found out he can fly when not riding his normal tank bike. Adrian from the short group joined us and hopefully had a great ride. Thanks to Phil Gayes for leading the ride and for setting the fast pace at times with Team Bianchi.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Dougie Mac Charity Ride 2017


An early rise for me, kit and bike ready then Rob arrived at our door shivering, loaded his bike then we were off. The ‘Dougie Mac Cycle ride’ is a regular for the club with us usually having a good turnout. The start is at the Michelin Athletics club in Trentham, this year 16 from the club turned out.
Once we were all gathered we set off, the weather dry but a little cool. After a few miles we established a through and off system that we managed to keep going all the way to Llangollen. Our group had gathered quite a few other riders as we flew along, a very enjoyable first half.
Again in the car park a great atmosphere, many of the 1000 plus who do this event enjoying the now warm sunny day while refuelling. Most fuelling stations are good, if you like bananas!, so I just had a sandwich. It was great to see Claire and her 2 children there. She has been coming to encourage us for the past 5 years since the sad occasion of her brother’s death (25/03/2012). Only a car park, but we had a pleasant chat and laugh before setting off for the return
The climb up to Johnstown makes you realise your legs have been working but we were still altogether. ‘Through and off’ was started again, with a few like me avoiding the work at the front but appreciating the shelter. A short stop at Malpas for a comfort break, then carry on.
At around 90 miles the elastic started to break with Ade, Russ and myself dropping back and Keele bank sorting the stronger boys out, arriving back at the Michelin Club to a big welcome in the now hot sunny day at around 2pm
There was one incident of a flash car having a lady passenger shouting at us to get into single file as they sped past. At the junction ahead there was a little more intense conversation and a brief recital of the Highway Code, along with some timely advice on common sense for the driver and his passenger!
On a sad note, Leek Cyclists’ Club Members were sadden at the news of the loss of Uttoxeter Cycling Club Member Karl Payne during Sunday’s ‘Dougie Mac’ ride. Thoughts and condolences go out to Karl’s family, friends and fellow Club Members at UCC.
Thanks all for a great day, Dave M
dougie macAll the riders along with our much appreciated supporters the Anderson family in & also look out for Jordan Hill’s parrot who makes a special appearance on the back row :))

Shorter Club Run & Longer Club Run Write Up’s – April 23rd 2017


Shorter Club

Seven riders set out with the short ride group under the leadership of our esteemed chairman, Andy Bain. We set out via Rudyard and Rushton Spencer and on to Bosley lights. The pace picked up with Paul Haywood leading and Two Sauces Simcock pushing to pass him. We turned off for Marton and went a different route and rode along the road we normally exit on from Jodrell Bank which caused some confusion over directions. The temperature had warmed up and we sat outside the cafe although it cooled down once the coffees arrived so out came the jackets. One brave cafe patron came over and asked Two sauces for access to his supply. There was a silence as we awaited the reaction but to our surprise, Phil smiled and handed over a bottle!

We set out for Leek, passing Astle Park and on towards Gawsworth where due to being early we decided to ride along the hills around Sutton Lane Ends. New riders Nick and Adrian were leading up the hills and showing up the sprinters who were tiring at this point due to their efforts on the outward journey. We rode on through Wincle and up over Gun Hill and Abbey Green where we re-grouped after forty Six miles. A great, fun ride where all riders had chance to lead. Thanks to Andy Bain for leading the ride

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Longer Club Run

After meeting the reprehensive from Dougie Mac on the Market Pace we set off to Delamere, Ade M’s suggestion. The weather was cool but forecast good so a few legs were showing. Ade M had a mechanical at Congelton and so turned back, Jamie had the route planned on his Garmin, so we rode on. Twelve riders started and another 4 turned back at Holmes Chapel, seven did this route.
We rode out of Congleton towards Holmes Chapel then turned off via Church Minshull – Oulton Park – Utkinton before the Cafe stop at the station cafe. We headed back via Acton Bridge – Great Budworth(the lovely quaint village) – Knutsford – Over Peover – Gawsworth.
89 mile Leek to Leek, and at about 80 my legs had gone , but all the rest stayed with me until Freshwater where the resistance to not sprint home became to much. My longest ride for over a year, good ride, good fun.  Thanks, Dave Magnier

Club Run – April 16th 2017


Five riders left their Easter eggs until later and came out for a ride instead. We headed out past Rudyard Lake and passed through Rushton Spencer and past Bosley lights before turning off towards Gawsworth. The pace was picking up as the sprinters were out in force. We turned off for Marton and on towards Swettenham. There was no ride leader as such, more of a case of “Well this road looks familiar”. All riders gave help with directions. The great thing about riding to Jodrell Bank is that you can see it from miles away so we had some idea of where to head for. Thankfully the worst of the rain had stopped and I even managed to ride at the front much to Jamie’s surprise. We arrived at Jodrell Bank at ten thirty after a fast paced ride. The five riders enjoyed coffees and tea as well as beans on toast.

We decided to ride back via the normal route back passing Astle Park before turning off for Gawsworth and heading towards the main road back to Leek. Some riders were suffering from the fast pace out and were holding back for the final sprint to Leek. We caught up with the other riders by the lake lay-by and set off again. The pace soon picked up and by the time I turned the corner, the peleton were way in front with a ever growing lead so I sat back and enjoyed the view. Jamie Jeffery won the sprint to Leek. Meantime, it was neck and neck with myself and a snail but thanks to the wet roads, the snail managed to slide in front of me but I am not bitter about these things. We met up by the Dyers Arms  after a forty three mile ride, thanks to all riders for a great ride. I set out for home and a late lunch, Escargots with butter anyone?

Written Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Run – April 9th 2017


Thirteen riders braved the searing heat to ride to Hack Wood Farm at Radbourne. we set out through Thornclife, passing through bottom House and Ipstones Edge before dropping down in to Ellastone and Norbury. Passing Alkmonton, it was decided to start a chain gang for those riders who wished to take part and the pace soon picked up as we headed for Long Lane. Chain gangs are a great weakness for me but I had a go and had a great time bar a few little mistakes. We paused for other riders to catch up before riding on to the cafe stop. This was a ride of many firsts as it was the first time this year that shorts had been worn as well as fingerless gloves and we sat outside to eat.

We returned via Radbourne Hall, where at a Dinner party in the nineteen twenties the butler fell over as he was carving the roast due to being blind drunk, they knew how to party back then. We continued to the Longford-Hatton road where Rich Goghill took us along a new lane to bring us out in Boyelstone to avoid the mud on the road. We passed through Marston Montgomery and here Rob Howson and Rich Coates pulled off to head back via Wooton. We continued through Rocester and on to Winothdale where we rode some new lanes. The sprinters were in full form flying the flag for Leek and were lost to sight for us lesser riders. We passed through Kingsley and on to Kingsley Moor where a stop was made for drinks such was the heat. Once the riders were refreshed, we continued to Consal and Cheddleton where Mr Goghill left us, thanks for leading the ride Rich. The Leek based riders rode on, eager to get back home and after a tough seventy mile ride we arrived back in leek for ten to three. A great ride in the sun for once, we look forward to more warm, spring rides after the chill of Winter.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins


Club Run – April 2nd 2017


Seventeen riders turned out for the Club Run to Monyash. Sadly we lost one rider due to a tyre issues although he managed to deal with it back in Leek before riding back out to re-join the group. We set out along Buxton road turning off for Thorncliffe. At this point we began to resemble the plot of a Ionesco play as one party turned off to ride up the main drag up to Morridge while Andy Bains group rode up Little Thorncliffe. We spotted Two Sauces Simcock taking the KOM title for that climb and soon we were back as one group and heading down in to Warlsow and on to Hartington where we stopped to re-group before heading up to Parsley Hay and in to Monyash where we called in to the Smith Cafe. Service was slow for some of the group as we had quite a wait. It was suggested at one point that the sauce packets be regarded as “Northern Gels”. The cafe staff must have caught the pig and the beans had grown by that point as Dave Mags had his beans on toast and Phil Simcock laid seige to the sauce supplys.

Phil Gayes led a small group back to Leek via Longnor while the others were waiting to be served. We rode back via Crowdecote where myself and Dave Mags turned off for Buxton Race way as we were feeling keen. The others rode back through Longnor. Dave and I had a great ride and enjoyed the amazing views and a helicopter that was bringing in materials nearby created interest for us as it was almost flying low overhead at one point. We carried on past the race track on up to Axe Edge before turning for the road to Winccle. Although it had been warm, we noticed the chill up on the edge and were glad to ride back in to the April warmth. We arrived back in Leek for two pm after a forty five mile ride, thanks Dave for your company. Also note that Phil Simcock came out with us even though he had arrived back home at eight am from Mexico that morning, what a club rider!

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Run – March 26th 2017


The normal 9am ride was slightly reduced in numbers, and consisted of a few riders who’ve been absent all winter. Perhaps the sight of an orange ball in the sky tempted them out??
It still wasn’t warm enough for summer attire, despite what some obviously thought, as the  9 riders set off up through thorncliffe heading for the Derbyshire dales, and hopefully the fountain cafe at Bonsall near Matlock.
It wasn’t long before Dan Noble’s freewheel decided it was too cold to work properly, so his ride was curtailed early on as he headed back home for a bacon butty etc.
Dropping from the mermaid, through Warslow and Hulme End towards Hartington, a constant easterly wind was in our faces, and this set the tone for most of the outbound journey. At Hartington, Steve Robinson decided it wasn’t as warm as his base in Chiangmai for the previous 6 months, and turned tail for home.
Down to 7…..
A fairly uneventful remainder of the out leg saw us head past Friden and down to Winster, where we turned for Bonsall, and to find the cafe in a suntrap away from the wind.
After sampling their culinary delights, a few riders decided to head back via a more direct route, whilst Rich and Alex Coates , along with Jamie “der panzerwagen” Jeffrey and myself, turned off for Longcliffe and Fenny Bentley, with the aim of coming home via Thorpe, Ilam,  Throwley Hall and Calton.
The climb finally shut Coates snr up for a few minutes (maybe he was enjoying the views, I don’t know!!) and as we swept down into Waterhouses, a more scenic way back than the main road was chosen; cauldon and then Ipstones edge, before the last few miles back into Leek.
Written by Club Rider Phil Gayes

Club Run – 19th March 2017


Six riders set out to Jodrell Bank, passing through Rushton Spencer and on to Bosley lights before turning down towards North Rde. We then rode along towards Marton and Goostrey before turning off for Jodrell Bank where we met up with riders taking part in a Sportive. Nice to see so many riders out on a Sunday. We arrived at the cafe and found the bike shed full so the tall riders simply lifted the bikes over a hedge for security, no fun being short at times. “Two Sauces Simcock” took his fill of the cafes supply and I sampled the shortbread which is highly recomended.

The ride back to Leek took us through Marthall and past the Wizard pub and on to Nether Alderly. We again met up with a large group of riders and here we were almost taken out by a badly driven Land Rover Discovery pushing past riders. The weather turned and it started to rain on and off for the rest of the ride but it did warm up which was nice. Rob led us along some new lanes to bring us back out on to Gawsworth and back to Rushton Spencer. The pace picked up with Rob and Andy in the lead. Dave Magnier was suffering at this point, not surprising given his sore throat which was getting worse. Myself, Dave and Phil  and Chris stayed together in a little peleton to keep us together on a busy road. Rob and Andy waited in the Rudyard lake lay-by before joining us. For some strange reason, I found myself in front on the flat but before I could panic at this, Phil Simcock made an attack and flew past as did Rob and Andy. The pace picked up as Leek was in sight. We arrived back in Leek after a fun forty eight miles. Thanks to Rob Howson for leading the ride and for taking us on new roads and exploring Cheshire.

Writen by Club RIder Nick Avins


Club Run – March 5th 2017


The forecast looked bad but at 8am, it was dry and quite bright. So Sunday morn 9am we’re sheltering in Yorkshire Trading’s entrance, Richard Co suggested Peover  a Place we had not tryed their coffee and beans on toast. Macc road, left at the Fools Nook, Broken Cross, Birtles Lane to Over Adderley Stopping outside the Wizard. Richard had been rattling all the way and had stopped on route to try and fix his rear mud guard but was unable.
The decision made as we stopped was to head for home. We had lots of cold fingers and at least one with the shivers, just as we were pulling off Phil noticed Ade’s rear mud guard had detached and dragged on the floor, off it came and placed under the Wizard sign for later pickup, then off we went a little colder, Nether Alderley, then 3 of us missed the lights at Monks Heath, the last sight of the lead group. Left after Marton then parted ways with Ade at North Rode, he was picking his quickest route. Nick dragged me back to leek passing Phil at Rushton, he was phoning home having lost the will to ride.
The weather man was right, constant rain and about 2 degrees. 9 heroes started but the cold came between us, I reckon about 38 miles for those from leek, well over 40 for us Chedders.

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier

Leek CC Hilly Reliability Ride 2017


Sixty Seven riders turned out to ride the annual Paul Derbyshire Memorial Hilly Reliability Ride, which is a scenic 53 Mile through the Peak District. Thanks to Phil Gayes’s pleading with the rain gods, we had a warm and sunny day. We set out in small groups to avoid a mass start with the riders setting out along the Ashbourne road before turning left to commence battle with School lane, Bradnop. A fearsome climb but one that Jo Clay demonstrated how it should be done. Thankfully, it was down hill to Oncote before turning for Grindon and the Manifold valley. The road in to the valley is littered with potholes and gravel and I saw one rider almost lose control on a corner but somehow he stayed upright, a master class in bike handling. It was a pleasant ride along Milldale and in to Parwich.  The riders then had the steady climb up to Longcliffe before the downhill stretch in to Winster. Of course, there was a head wind all the way.

The river Lathkill was in full flood , not something I have seen before as it is normally quite shallow. Both myself and Paul Haywood had gear problems on the climb to Youlgreave, strange how this issue chose this moment to make itself known and not before. I had to pull over for a energy gel and to admire the view, quite hard for me to lose the Touring cyclist mentality. I had to work hard to catch up with the riders in front on the road to Monyash. There was some rough patches of road as I reached Monyash, I hope other riders managed to avoid theses as it was quite a jolt to myself and the bike. I managed to catch up with the Black Horse Velo team and we carried on towards Parsley Hay before turning for Crowdecote. Longnor was soon reached and we turned for the last climb up to Fawfield Head and Morridge. At this point, my legs were protesting but with leek in view, I pressed on and pulled up outside Den Engles to sign off and enjoy a biscuit which Phil Gayes tried to pass off as his own baking. Is there no end to this mans dedication to the club? In all, a great day out in the local countryside with some great riders and I hope everyone had a enjoyable ride with no miss-haps. Thanks to Phill Gayes and other members who put out the signs and organised the ride.

Written by Nick Avins Club Rider and day dreamer

2 1After the ride the riders and friends enjoyed a well deserved buffet at The Den Engel Belgain Bar in Leek, which was then followed by the Clubs Award Presentation(see the Events page for the winners).  Well done to everybody who rode and thank you for supporting the event. The club would also like to thank everybody who helped to organize the event.


Leek CC Hilly Reliability Ride 2017


On Sunday March the 12th, Leek Cyclists Club will be once again holding its annual Hilly Reliability Ride. The Paul Derbyshire Memorial Reliability is a scenic 53 mile ride through the Peak Distrtict, which takes in some lovely lanes & challenging climbs. The ride will be followed by a Buffet & the Clubs Awards presentation at The Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek. The ride will start in the Market Place in the centre of Leek & will finish at the Den Engel where riders are asked to return so they can sign out, signing on is from 8.00am with the riders due to start at 8.30am. Places at the buffet are limited so If you are interested in riding the Reliability or attending the Buffet afterwards please contact the email below.

Prices for the event are:
Ride only :             £4
Buffet only :           £5
Ride & Buffet :      £7.50

For more information on the route & to download a GPS File of the route please click on the link below

It would be great to have a decent turn out to support the event, lets hope for some sunny weather & please everybody ride safe.


Club Run – 26th February 2017


Sunday the twenty sixth of February. Seven riders set out for Bollington, passing Rudyard Lake where Chris,’s chain snapped and a running repair was made in order to able him to ride back to Leek. A shame but at least it did not happen at Bollington. We carried on riding through Bosley, Broken Cross and Prestbury where a slight wrong turn took us off route but we managed to navigate our way back to Bollington and soon arrived at the Waterside cafe where a large Americano set me back two pounds forty, not bad prices for Cheshire.

We returned via the Goyt Valley where there was a strong headwind that required us to pedal on the downhill stretches. We passed though Wildbourclough and on to Wincle where a passing Mountain Biker decided to try it on with the group by passing us going downhill with wide tyres on. Club rider Ade Myatt did not take to kindly to this and soon reeled him back in again. Passing Wincle, Dave Magnier informed us that he was feeling tired before putting out the type of watts that would make Mark cavindish sit up and take notice,and  he was soon off at the front. The pace picked up and both Dave and Ade were soon out in front on the final sprint back to Leek. I did pass Phil Simcock and Ant Ashby but the two sprinters were flying the flag for Leek CC and not slowing down for anyone. We all met up in Leek at 1pm and stopped to recover after a forty one miles ride around Cheshire. Due to the headwind , it felt more like sixty miles. Thanks to Dave Magnier and Ade Myatt for leading the ride and it was nice to Andy Magnier who was so keen he set out early with the eight am group before returning to Leek to ride with the nine am group.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Shorter Club Run – 19th February 2017


Four riders set out to Hartington, myself, Alison Held, Andy Bain, new rider, Adrian and Phil “two Sauces” Simcock. We rode out to Leekbrook and through Basford and Ipstones where we turned for Foxt and Cauldon Lowe. We were riding at a good relaxed pace but Phil set off on a sprint that we could not match. We pulled over for a quick snack at Bloore before dropping in to Ilam. A little note from the archives as the club visited Ilam back in nineteen thirty five when Ilam hall had partly been demolished before opening as a Youth Hostel so nice to think we still ride the same routes. We rode up the climb where Adrian proved himself a good climber before passing through Alstonfield. Here we turned right and on to the Hartington road before arriving at the Farm cafe which was a first for the group. Here we had a pleasant stop for Coffee and cakes. The cafe had an electric selection of paintings for sale and the Highland cattle ones were colourful. The club celebrities sat on their own table apart from us lesser mortals where they chatted about who was going to be involved in reality TV shows and the like. A little unknown fact about the cafe is just around the corner is a Royal Observer Corps nuclear bunker provided during the Cold War in case of Derby or Sheffield being attacked. Three people could shelter there for two weeks. Useful to know just in case you get caught out while stopping for a coffee.

We set off to return via Longdale and Crowdecote before passing through Longnor. Here we rode to Newtown but turned left to head towards Warslow instead of straight on to Fawfield Head and on to Morridge. We then turned right and rode the long climb to the Mermaid BB where we waited for the rest of the group. Once all had recovered we  continued to Leek. There was a sprint for Leek which was won by Phil after a fast effort. We stopped for a chat on Buxton road where to our amazement, a passing car driver peeped and gave us the finger! No idea what we had done to deserve this? Still, it was nice to have a young girl knock and wave to us at the Mermaid proving that there are some nice people out there. A great forty two mile ride and thanks to Andy Bain for leading it and for Alison keeping us on our best behaviour.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Shorter Club Run – February 5th 2017


Met up with Anthony Ashby,Phil Simcock, Stuart Poole and first time rider (with us) Jane Dracup who hails from Longnor. Plenty of activity at our usual meeting place due to the Totally Locally Market. It felt much warmer than the 2 degrees forecast. Planned to have a fairly flat ride as  Jane explained that she is not particularly fit at the moment and so planned a ride that would take in Cheadle and Uttoxeter. Stuart informed us of a fire at Milton and instruction for locals to stay in. We headed off to Cheddleton but it soon became apparent that we were riding straight towards the massive plume of toxic smoke and so a detour towards Basford and Ipstones was made – so much for a flat ride! Unfortunately Jane struggled a little but battled on. We had a great view of the scene at Milton from Ipstones. I was very impressed with the way in which Stuart flagged down a couple off approaching cars that were going way too fast- the drivers were most taken aback by this display of assertiveness and just whimpered in response! Jane decided to return back to Leek and so took a left at Ipstones Edge. We headed on to Oakamoor and through to the cafe at Denstone where we had gastro bacon baps (Phil of course had brown and red sauce) and Stuart had beans on toast, the latter arranged in a stack! All very nice if a little expensive. Quite a few other cyclists about. We returned via Wooton and back to Ipstones Edge where we came across two former Leek CC members- Paul Whiston (Wizz who has replaced cycling with dry stone walling) and Mark Poyser who was out on his winter bike – a De Rosa. Over Bottom House x- roads and up to Morridge. Stuart was not going to let recent minor surgery prevent him from fartlek training and so he would periodically shoot off and then wait for us – he’s looking very fit. Back via Bradnop and left at Sera. Good 33 Mile first ride of the year, with everyone safe and sound. Not a drop of rain or hint of road rage.

Written by Club Rider Andy Bain

Congleton CC 50 Mile Reliability Ride


A crisp cool morning saw 11 Leek CC riders meet up for a slightly earlier than normal start, for the ride out to Congleton, to join the host club for their first reliability trial of the year.A fairly brisk pace over the Bridestones soon saw riders warmed up, and ready for the start of the trial.                                                                                                             After signing on, we were joined by “Team Coates”, who had opted for the less taxing option of driving out, due to racing the previous day. A unanimous decision to ride conservatively, but quick (18mph target) was taken, and we would all ride together for as long as possible. With Andy Magnier, “human satnav” Phil Gayes and Rich Coates doing the majority of the early donkeywork, the pace was pretty constant, and no one was left behind as we went around the outskirts of Macclesfield, and towards Alderley Edge. A slight separation occurred as riders split to allow an ambulance past, but by Warford, and Ollerton we had all regrouped, and the Leek CC train was in full flow again, with most people doing a turn or three on the front, successfully fighting the headwind all the way down from Toft and Peover, to Middlewich.                                                                      Leaving Middlewich, we entered back into the lanes, heading for Warmingham (Not the Dad’s Army setting!!), and into the outskirts of Crewe, where a diversion added a mile or two onto the correct route.At Winterley, we were back on track, and back into the lanes through Betchton, Smallwood, where we had our first casualty, as Phil Gayes decided his legs had done enough for the day, and was left to cruise the last few miles back into Congleton on his own.All our riders made the 18mph target average speed, and were greeted at the Congleton CC clubhouse with a well earned brew and biscuits ready for the, second trip of the day over the Bridestones.A great mornings riding had by all, and most eager for the 65 mile trial on the 18th of Feb.

Written by Club Rider Phil Gayes

Congleton CC Reliability Rides 2017


Congleton CC are once again hosting there Reliability Rides in 2017, with the first of the rides on the 5th of Febuary 2017 with riders off at 9:30am. The rides start from Congleton Rugby Club’s Club House which is also Congleton CC’s Club House, which is in the centre of Congleton. The rides are aimed at giving riders a good base going into the season & we normally have a good turnout from Leek CC with some riders riding out from Leek & others starting in Congleton.

The Dates & Routes are as follows

February 5th – 49 Mile, Sign on from 9:15am   Riders off at 9.30am

February 19th – 65 Mile, Sign on from 9:15am   Riders of at 9:30am

Please note that you need to be a member of a Club and have 3rd party insurance to ride & that we are guests of Congleton CC so please respect their rules. Also please go at the  target speed of the group you start with( i.e 15mph,18mph) & please don’t force the pace of the group as it is not a race. Hopefully we have a great turnout & everybody has a safe and enjoyable ride.

2012-10-07 11.25.00

Club Run – January 29th 2017


Sunday the twenty ninth of January, six riders turned out on what was a cold and frosty start to the day. I decided to brave the cold as I had spent most of the week on the rollers so needed to hit the road for a change. We set out for Eccleshall, riding through Cheddleton which was nice for the Cheddleton based riders who had just ridden in to Leek. We passed through Meir Heath where the temperature rose to melt the ice on the road sides which was concern at times. We then rode on through the canal town of Stone and heading out to Eccleshall, passing through the wonderfully named Cold Norton which was indeed cold due to the icy wind blowing across the exposed stretches of road, wonderful thing the English language! We passed over the recently built two hundred and fifty million rail flyover and a new road which allowed the pace to increase, which was nice for the sprinters, less so for the tiny climber in the group, (me) Bare with me for mentioning the local civil engineering but being an Autistic rider, I see the world in a different way to you neuro types! We soon reached Eccleshall and found the Merckx Belgian Cafe was closed so we went to The Artisan Cafe for refreshment and a warm. One look at the prices soon had me in a sweat but after debating whether to sell the bike to fund a large coffee, I settled on a regular coffee instead. Phil Simcock decided to have a bacon roll with both Tomato ketchup and brown sauce which may have required him to re-mortgage his house to fund the meal.

After our cafe stop we set off home and decided to go through Sandon and head towards Millwhich. We were going to go through Uttoxeter but due to tired legs in the group (not enough energy in two sauces ), we passed through Tean instead and then up Hollington bank where I led the climb (for about ten seconds before being passed by Jordan and Andy). We then rode through Winnothdale and on to Kingsley where the party split in to two groups, one on the main roads and one on the back lanes to meet up on Kingsley Moor junction. We carried on to Consal and to Chedleton where we dropped off two riders before returning to Leek at 2.15pm after a sixty mile round ride. Thanks to Rich coghill for leading the ride and for continuing to eat Mr Kipplings cakes given the recent profit warning, they need the support.

Written by Club Rider Nick Avins

Club Run – January 22nd 2017


10 riders turned out to ride to Wirksworth on a cold and icey morning. With the icey conditions, we decided to stick to the main roads so that we could keep warm and reduce the risk of coming a cropper on the icey lanes. We set out up the Ashbourne Road and passed Bottom House and Winkhill, as we dropped into Waterhouses we were met with the worse conditions of the whole ride driving sleet. After the long climb out of Water-houses we had all warmed up and the weather had cleared and then we all enjoyed the fast descent into Ashbourne down Swinscoe Bank. After Ashbounre we were then onto the rolling roads heading towards Wirksworth as we rode through Kniveton and then past Carsington Water which is always a nice as we catch the odd glimpse of the Reservoir as we ride by.                                                                                                                          Once we had dropped into Wirksworth, we saw a couple of cyclists who were just leaving a French Bistro in the main square and they commented on how good the place is, so we decided to break from the norm and give it a try. Once everybody had sat down we noticed the exotic french menu of squid and mussels and wondered if they would dish up the,usual Leek CC stable diet of bacon baps and beans on toast. After receiving our hot drinks from the waitress we asked about food and cakes, which we then found out that there’s no possibility of warm food at all, and that there’s only 5 Croissants left to buy between us. So after finishing our warm drinks we decided to head across the road to fuel up on Mars and Snicker Bars from a newsagents instead, this then left a number of our riders fantasizing and commenting over their beans on toast for most of the ride home and im sure after this experience we will be sticking with our tried and tested cafe’s from now on.                                                                                                                                       The ride home took us over to Cromford, and then onto the winedy main road which climbs gradually for 9 miles which is known as Via Gellia and passes through Grangemill and Pikehall. After regrouping in Newhaven, we then dropped into Hartington and into a freezing headwind. Which made us all the more ready to warm up, with the start of the long and steady climb up from Hulme End through Warslow and then climbing as you pass the rugged moorland hills with everyone finishing at the old Mermaid Pub as we all regrouped out of the wind in a little windbreak, we then dropped into Leek down Thorncliffe Bank and finished with the usual stop opposite the old Moss Rose Pub as we said our goodbye’s, a decent winter ride finishing with just over 50 miles in the bank.

written by Club Rider Rob Howson

Club Run – January 15th 2017


As the first one to arrive in the market place, while taking shelter under the ‘Yorkshire Trading’ entrance, I wondered if it had been such a good idea to tog up and brave the weather. The forecast was for heavy rain all day and it was spot on at 9am. To all our surprise 5 turned out and decided to head for Jodrell Bank.
By the time we had got to Biddulph Moor via Horton I had warmed up even though it was around 6 degrees, wet and windy. I’d hoped the choice of Jodrell Bank was to keep the ride short but Phil Gayes was on song and managed to find a much longer scenic route taking us over to middlewich before turning back, by the time we reached the cafe we had done 40 miles. It had been a fast pace and to keep up I had sat on there wheels at every chance but that had left me with a gritty feeling for our cafe stop. I’m not sure what time it was but the request for beans on toast had been met with a large intake of breath, the chef needed to be asked as it was past breakfast time, very generously he agreed to tread us to the last breakfast of the day, Phew.
A visit to the toilet and wring out the wet gloves we all enjoyed putting the soaked kit back on. For me it was a good pace again and it wasn’t long before I was warm enough but it kept raining and water was building up on the roads. As we reached Bosley the pace started rising, that and the combination of large puddles on the road made this stretch the wettest. It was a 60 mile ride and after a quick chat opposite the dyers arms we all went home for a good shower.
rudyard, horton, bidd moor, mossley, astbury, Hasall Green, Middlewich, Allostock, Jodrell Bank, Marton, Bosley, Leek.

Written by Club Rider Dave Magnier


Club Merchandise


Thanks to Club Rider Ade Hall we now have some excellent Leek CC Clothing Items and Mugs for sale. The clothing items include very smart Leek CC Polo’s and T-Shirt’s in black with the Club Crest on the chest and also Leek CC Hoodie’s which also has Club’s Crest on the Chest and Leek CC on the back. Then there are some excellent Leek CC Mugs for sale which are perfect for that morning brew. For more information and prices please contact the below email address, the items can then be picked up and paid for at the Club’s Monthly Club Night in Den Engel.  please contact


Club Run – January 8th 2017


14 riders turned out to ride to Carsington Water. We set out in to the fog and passed through Bottom House, Ipstones edge and on to Wootton where the fog lifted to reveal the weak sun light and a glimpse of the landscape. We continued through Snelston and Osmaston and at Bradly there was a incident with two riders crashing in to one another due to trying to avoid a startled horse but there were no injuries. Assistance was offered and rejected so the rest of the group continued to the cafe where we would wait for the two riders to catch up. There was a fast paced sprint passed the dam which was won by Rob Howson.

After some classic roadside engineering, Jamie and Phil were able to join us at the cafe. We rode back passing through Brassington and its fearsome bank. Jamie and Phil decided to ride back to Leek by a more direct route due to the issues caused by the crash. We took a different route through Youlgrave due to the state of the roads being covered in mud in places. We passed through Parsley Hay and on to Hartington before reaching Warslow where the fog was so thick, we could barely see the road. Having a bike mounted radar set would have been useful in order to navigate, very strange not knowing where the summit was despite having rode the road many times before. We arrived back in Leek at 2.30pm, a little later than normal but happy after a fifty seven mile ride which burnt off the many mine pies consumed over Christmas.

written by Club Rider Nick Avins


Foxlowe Exhibition


We are pleased to announce that from September 2017 until January 2018, there will be a exhibition on the History of Leek Cyclists Club in the Heritage Room at the Foxlowe Arts Centre in Leek. The exhibition will feature a number of historical photographs, club records and detailed club run write ups from throughout the Club’s 140 year history. More information will be posted closer to the event date.


Recent Club Events


On Remembrance Sunday four Club Members represented the Club, in laying a wreath at the Nicholson War Memorial in Leek during the Remembrance Day Service and paying our respects to the people who have died in Two World Wars and in combat.

use66A group of 20 Club Members enjoyed a night watching the pro’s at the Manchester Veledrome on the 25th of November. The event was part of Revolution Series and was called the Champions League which saw a number of world class riders racing Including British Olympic Team Pursuit Champions Elinor Barker and Ed Clancy. Thanks to Jamie Jeffery and Jordan Hill for organising the evening.

use9A group of 26 Club Members enjoyed the annual Leek CC Christmas Social on the 5th of December. Starting off in Den Engel, they then tucked into a meal at the Leek Bar & Grill. Followed by more drinks at the Earl Grey afterwords. Thanks to Dan Noble for organising the evening.

use7 use4On Saturday the 17th of December the Club were joined by two Journalists from Cycling Weekly during a hilly and scenic Club Run. They joined us so that Leek Cyclist Club will feature in a upcoming edition of Cycling Weekly in their ‘Ride With’ feature. Make sure to keep a look out in future editions of Cycling Weekly so you can buy a copy. Thanks to Andy Bain for organising.

use33 use-10

Cycling Weekly Ride


On Saturday the 17th of December, there will be a Saturday morning Club Run, where we will be joined by members of the Cycling Weekly Staff who will be featuring the Club in their “Ride With” feature. The ride will be around 40 miles long taking in Gun Hill, Flash and Grindon with a cafe stop in Longnor and then drinks after in Den Engel. The ride will start at 9:00am outside Den Engel. Hope to see you there.


AGM 2016


This years Leek Cyclists Club Annual General Meeting, will be held on Monday November the 7th, at 8:30pm in The Den Engel Belgian Bar in Leek . During the meeting we will be discussing a variety of topics including Club Championships, Club Rides and Social Events.


Hill Climb Season Round Up


Throughout September and October a number of our members have been entering various Hill Climb Events in the local area, below is a quick roundup of how they fared.

– Tony Cope took part in the Long Hill Hill Climb on the 4th of September which was ran by Buxton CC. With cold conditions and a cross wind Tony finished 5th in the veteran category and 23rd overall. Well done Tony

– With the Cat & Fiddle Hill Climb which is ran by Weaver Valley CC sadly clashing with our Legbreaker Sportive this year. We only had one member enter with Tony Cope finishing with a brilliant time of 21:40 finishing 2nd in the veteran category and 16th overall out of 90 riders. Well done Tony

– Tony Cope took part in the Glossop Kinder Hill Climb which took place on the 25th September, and produced a great ride finishing 12h overall and 2nd in the Veteran Category.

– On the 2nd of September, three club members took part in the Congleton CC Hill Climb, which took place on Ganny Bank just outside Biddulph. On a sunny and clear day, Rob Howson came second overall finishing with a time of 5:38, Rich Coghill produced a strong ride to finish 4th with a time of 6:30 and John Green produced a strong ride also to finish 8th with a time of 7:28.

– On the same day as Congletons Hill Climb, Tony Cope headed over to Monsal Dale in the Peak District to take part in the famous Monsal Hill Climb which is ran by Sheffrec Cycling Club. Tony produced a great ride to finish 3rd overall in the Veterans Category and 38th overall out of 154 riders with a time of 01:36. Great effort Tony.     

– On the 16th of September on a cold and wet day. Three Club members entered the Beeley Moor Hill Climb which is ran by Chesterfield Couruers. Tony Cope finished 21st with a time of 10:24 and 2nd in the veteran category. Rich Coghill finished 40th with a time of 11:17 and Jordan Hill finished 44th with a time of 11:26. Well done everyone

– On the 22nd of October, Tony Cope took part in the Riber Hill Climb and the Bank Road Hill Climb which are both ran by Matlock CC. Another great ride from Tony saw him finish 2nd in the veteran category with a time of 4:06 on Riber, and 3rd in the veteran category on Bank Road with a time of 2:12. Well done Tony.

– On the 29th of October, Tony Cope and Rob Howson took part in the National Hill Climb Championship which took place on Bank Road in the centre of Matlock. With a large crowd and a great atmosphere Tony and Rob produced strong rides finishing 86th and 101st respectively out of 238 riders with Tony finishing 5th in the veteran category. Also friends of the club Jo Clay and Alex Coates produced strong rides with Jo finishing 3rd in the Female Category and Alex 5th in the Juvenile category. Well Done everyone

beeley           Jordan Hill, Rich Coghill and Tony Cope after the Beeley Moor Hill Climb

johnfb                             John Green during the Congleton CC Hill Climb

richfb                            Rich Coghill during the Congleton CC Hill Climb

tony                  Tony Cope during the National Hill Climb Championships in Matlock

robfb               Rob Howson during the National Hill Climb Championships in Matlock

the top photograph is courtesy of Tony Cope, thanks Tony

and the rest of the photograph’s were taken by Mr Ken Norbury “© Ken Norbury”. To see more of Ken’s photograph’s click on the link.

Leek CC Hill Climb Championship 2016


A very good turn out in sunny conditions saw 22 riders compete in the Leek CC Club Hill Climb Championship 2016, which is held on Gun Hill three miles outside Leek. The overall winner was Rob Howson who is Leek CC Hill Climb Champion, Rob was followed by Tony Cope, only 65 hundredths of a second behind, in second place. Rich Coghill was sixth overall and completes the Leek CC podium. Well done & great effort to all the riders who competed and thank you for supporting the event, there was certainly some very close times with a number of riders separated by very small margins. Also big thanks to everyone who supported and helped out (especially Kathy for the cakes!). The event was followed by a Club Run with a well deserved cafe stop in Longnor.

Also click below to see a video of all the competitors as they fight up the steep climb. Thanks to Jon White for letting us use his excellent video.


1 Rob Howson 5:36.64         Leek CC
2 Tony Cope 5:37.29             Leek CC
3 Jon Bourne  5:53                Rourke CC
4 Jordan Hill 6:11
5 Alex Coates  6:14               Lyme RC
6 Rich Coghill 6:17                Leek CC
7 Darren Owen 6:26             Black Horse Velo
=8 Nick Avins 6:30                Leek CC
=8 Rich Whalley 6:30           Leek CC
10 Rob Hanson 6:31            Leek CC
11 Mark Allen  6:33               Congleton CC
12 Barry Riley 6:40               Leek CC
13 Chris Wilcox 6:41           Lyme RC
14 Lee Wood 6:59               Congleton CC
15 Chris Meir 7:07               Leek CC
16 Tim Washington 7:29     Black Horse Velo
17 Jamie Jeffrey 7:30          Leek CC
18 Justin Barker 7:37          Black Horse Velo
19 Andy Barker 8:01           Black Horse Velo
20 Steve Lord 8:14              Black Horse Velo
21 Steve Sladin 8:15           Congleton CC
22 Polly Wilding 9:20           Congleton CC

14656307_10154551947794035_2117085630259525244_n                                                             Rob Howson

14523121_10154551949459035_99042323952473053_n                                                              Tony Cope